APRIL 28TH, 2022

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Phoenix Conference Event on April 28th 17th, 2022

Register to attend the NACSMA Phoenix Conference Event! As the premier contact center industry standards association, NACSMA brings together contact center industry leaders and professionals to discuss standards in the industry as well as collaborate on best practices for the future.
Our panel discussions this quarter include topics such as Leadership in Hybrid Environments, Remote Workers Performance, and Site versus Remote Infrastructure. Each quarter, our topics highlight current and future industry challenges, concerns, and successes so that as a community we can learn, engage, and grow.

Event Details
Venue 8600
8600 E. Anderson Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

April 28th, 2022
Time: 8:30 AM – 12 PM


Concierge Led Tour
  • Attendee walks into Event – greeted by Concierge Team and checked into Event
  • Concierge is their guide for the day; Concierge reviews the event agenda and what to expect
  • Concierge walks them through the vendors Solution Zone and highlights Interactive elements
  • Attendee is then shown the Opening Events Room. Panelist Areas and returned to the Solutions Zone
  • At the Solutions Zone, the Attendee’s will enjoy a continental breakfast and review Sponsor’s booth’s
8:30am Opening presentation from the NACSMA National President  <
  • Greeting from the NACSMA National President  
9:00am Panelist Presentation
  • 1st Panel – Leadership in Hybrid Environments
  • Short Sponsor presentation and then Intro to Panelists
5-minute Break
10:00am Panelist Presentation
  • 2nd Panel – Remote Workers Performance
  • Short Sponsor Presentation and Intro of Panelists
5-minute Break
11:00am Panelist Presentation
  • 3rd Panel – Infrastructure: Site vs. Remote
  • Short Sponsor Presentation and Intro of Panelists
12:00pm Closing Event Presentation/Statement Attendees are invited to visit the Solutions Zone